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All of our deals and giveaways, while put on directly by us, or in collaboration with a third-party, will be listed on this deals page. Since, we are frequently offering new deals and doing giveaways, be sure to check back often.

H. Rustad Design LLC & Handmade Mama LLC Talk Business


On 11/28/20 at 8 PM CST, H. Rustad Design LLC and Handmade Mama LLC are cohosting an event on Facebook. We will be talking about our businesses, doing some question and answer, and doing a raffle for a $500 Visa gift card at the end.

Congratulations to Gary C. for winning the Raffle! Check back often for new deals, events, and giveaways.

The holidays are a time for giving. In the spirit of the holidays, H. Rustad Design LLC will be giving away a one page website. If the winner would like more pages or a shop, they just need to pay the difference. You could use this free one page site to start the blog you have always thought about, or maybe it could be part of the online shop you have dreamed of.

The idea behind this giveaway is to help provide the benefits and opportunities that having your own website provide to people who might not otherwise be able to afford one. If you know someone who could really benefit from this giveaway , let them know. The prize could also make a great gift for the holidays.

To enter the giveaway, complete the form below by 12 AM CST 12/25/20. We will announce the winner at 7 PM CST on 12/25/20. We will post the announcement on this page and on our social media. Good luck!!